UltMind was started by athletes who are passionate about mental health and focus. We see the power of mental performance in competition, sports, gaming, and life. As health conscious individuals, we are always searching for healthy products and supplements to improve our physical capabilities. We noticed that the same consumables do not exist for the mind.

That is when we discovered the advantages of CBD in performance. After becoming fans of CBD, we realized it was difficult to attain the right formula and product so we set out to design it ourselves. Now, we are the leading distributer of CBD gummies to the athlete and gamer market.

Ultmind is a US Based Company that does not cut corners when it comes to product quality and sourced nutrients. All of our CBD products are formulated and manufactured in American Fort Utah. The laboratories are FDA registered, Utah hemp registered, and GMP compliant.

We are dedicated to providing premium Wellness and CBD Products to help provide the best quality of life for our customers.

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