UltMind is Seeking Launch Partners

UltMind is preparing to launch industry leading CBD products this November, 2021.

As part of this launch, UltMind is seeking four partners that fit an image of health, focus, and competitive drive. This is the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a new industry and leading product.

The partner program has a long-term vision and the ideal partner will grow with UltMind over years to come. As both parties excel, UltMind will be able to offer unique branded products and sponsorship packages. UltMind will work with partners to build marketing campaigns and content that elevate both brands and offer new monetization opportunities.

Selected Partners will be offered sponsorship and coordinated marketing campaigns. All applicants will immediately receive promotional codes that offer discounts for users and commissions for the partner.

Athletes, influencers, and organizations are welcome to Apply Here.



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