Ultmind - CBD Gummies For Gamers

Ultmind - CBD Gummies For Gamers

CBD or more specifically CBD gummies are all the hype in the Esports scene and gaming community right now. The traction it’s gained for the last couple of years is mainly because of the many benefits it offers gamers. And with different states pushing to legalize cannabidiol products, the interest in CBD is bound to skyrocket soon.

Before long, CBD will undoubtedly become a staple supplement in the Esports Arena. And we at Ultmind, are here to become the leading supplier to this rising demand.

We say this with confidence because the many perks CBD gives gamers are just too hard to overlook. From improving focus to relieving stress, CBD has all the benefits that allow gamers to perform at their peak. And everyone knows how important playing at peak level is when you are competing.

It’s just a matter of time before CBD becomes the most-sought after booster by gamers.

Why Pick Ultmind?

The CBD gummies we’ve engineered are, in general, for competition. It does not have any psychoactive effects and is made solely to enhance focus as well as improve mental health. So, popping a few CBD gummies before a game will help you land the much-needed game-winning headshot and deal with the anxiety those 1v5 clutch moments bring about.

However, although our CBD gummies were initially designed for gamers, their benefits can be enjoyed by anyone looking to improve focus and mental well-being. We’ve already had plenty of customers who aren’t gamers, tell us how happy they are with the product. Thus, we are proud to say that the use of our CBD gummies is not just limited to gamers and athletes.

Apart from outstanding feedback, the recording-breaking sales each month, especially in December 2021, just proves that we are on the right track in fulfilling the CBD needs of the gaming community. It also speaks volumes about how effective our CBD gummies are.

Our Latest Partners

Although our growing fan base is a huge part of our success, it couldn’t have been done without our partners who represent the gaming community. With some of the greatest names in the gaming scene already backing us, we are thrilled to partner up with the following influencers and platforms to further our cause.

Ice Pick Rick

Josh “Ice Pick Rick” is a competitive gamer, musician, and general manager. Although he is a fan of most games out there, his expertise lies in playing competitive Halo for TemperVoid. He is also a prominent Halo streamer and content creator.


Zack Politano aka “Schnapsz” is a 20-Year-old competitive gamer and streamer from Montana. He has been dominating the Esports arena as an HCS player as well as a semi-pro COD player for the last few years.

Command Then Conquer

Command Then Conquer is a fully funded organization that wants to help upcoming players unleash their true potential. They specialize in Esports, Content Creation, Online Gaming and are responsible for holding tournaments and events with attractive prize pools.

New Pursuit Gaming

New Pursuit Gaming aka NPG is all about Esports and Entertainment. Currently active on twitch they’ve been creating top quality content for all gaming fans out there.


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