CBD Enabling Peak Performance for Gamers


Esports have been rapidly gaining much-deserved recognition in the past few decades. Its global revenue is now expected to exceed $1bn. Pretty soon, Esports will become one of the most celebrated sports genres of our time. With games such as CSGO, DOTA 2, and LOL offering mind-blowing prize pools in their tournaments, the appeal for competing in these games is on the rise. And with the increase in competition, only the very best will reach the top.

Similar to any sport, competing at the highest levels in the Esports arena would require you to play at peak performance. And one reliable way of achieving this is by consuming a healthy and trustworthy supplement such as CBD.

Supplements have always been a part of the sports community. From proteins to anabolics, athletes from every corner of the sporting world use them to enhance their performance.

However, most of these supplements aren’t fit for gaming, as they mainly focus on physical attributes. That’s why CBD is becoming the most sought-after performance booster in the Esports scene, as it improves the one thing all gamers need focus. Apart from focus, CBD also brings about several perks that gamers can benefit from.


Benefits Of CBD For Gamers

Although it’s a known fact that consuming CBD can bring about many benefits, would these perks actually help gamers?

Well, the short answer is yes.

As mentioned before, CBD boosts focus. Apart from skill, being able to focus is probably the deciding factor during those clutch moments. One slip-up is all your opponent needs to land a headshot. And let’s face it, as gamers, we can all relate to similar situations where our enemies got the upper hand just because we were distracted. While many of us could come back from such mistakes, they can cost the whole round at the highest levels of play.

Apart from improving focus, CBD acts as a great stress reliever. Tense situations are common in both competitive and normal gameplay. These situations, however, can have a negative impact on health in the long run. But consuming a healthy dose of CBD before a gaming session will help you relax and make better and calculated decisions when required. 


Why use CBD in Esports?

It’s quite clear why gamers are inclined to use CBD in Esports. The benefits CBD offers are too good to miss.

However, the usual sources of CBD can be too potent for gamers. After all, we don’t want to relax too much when diving our enemies. So, it’s wise to consume CBD products that have been specially designed for gamers. That’s where we at “Ultmind” come in.

We’ve created the best CBD gummies out there, tailored for gaming fans. They are potent enough to grant you the perks of CBD with no “high” or psychoactive effects.


Trusted Organizations Supporting CBD in Esports

And as proof of how effective the gummies are, some prominent names in the Esports sphere have already joined hands with us.

Esports Agent Inc

Esports Agent Inc is responsible for creating a platform exclusively for amateur Call of Duty teams. It was made with the sole purpose of enabling new and upcoming talent to reach new heights. Additionally, they host tournaments with very attractive prize pools to polish the skills of their members.

American Gaming Network

If you are looking to showcase your skills in popular games such as Valorant, Rainbow 6, Madden, and Halo, joining the American Gaming Network, aka AGN, is the way to go. Established in 2018, they’ve held countless online and LAN events. AGN pride itself in providing a fair platform for amateur gamers to shine with their talents and build a name for themselves.


Dead Team

Dead Team aka DTM is an Esports and Entertainment Organization that promotes the gaming spirit through their apparel line. Tailored for males, females, and kids, they offer a stylish line of products that scream gamer. Apart from apparel goods, they also offer homeware and other accessories.

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